Full Service Accounting and Financial Management Firm  

Designed to exclusively support the unique & tactical needs of Bars, Restaurants, Clubs and Boutique Hotels in New York.


OZANEAUX LTD is a holistic financial support system for Restauranteurs, Innovators and Investors.  We protect their money and provide them with the tools and insight to make more of it.  

When we take on a client, we provide them with a full-service team, dedicated to their unique “big picture.” With expertise and a genuine love and respect for numbers, we take it all on and off your back--spanning the most basic bookkeeping to high-level consulting, problem solving and CFO work that includes pre-opening work and tax audit handling, when applicable.

Much like the guys watching the codes in the Matrix, our team watches your business from the back end.  We generate regular financial reports, which reveal the health and vitality of a business, forecast the future, potential human errors or malignancy, if and where there is a problem and how severe--all accompanied by an incomparable person-to-person accessibility, including unlimited meetings and 24/7 availability.




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